Our floor coatings offer:

-All around protection for your concrete floor…so you’ll never have to worry about having a stained, cracked, or pitted floor.
-A variety of styles and color options…so you can match the floor with your existing décor, taste, and storage system.
-Easy clean up…so you don’t have to use harsh chemicals or much energy getting your floor nice and clean.
-A non-slip surface…so you’re as sure footed as a mountain goat in every area of your garage.
-Industrial Quality Material…so you can rest assured your floor will stand the test of time.
-Professional Application…so you know the job was done right!

Consider 3 important factors when deciding between a DIY kit and Midwest Floor Coatings:

1. The prep work – A high quality floor coating requires a great deal of prep work. The typical box store kit, will generally only recommend an acid etch solution to prepare the floor for the coating. The acid etch might get the floor fairly clean, but it doesn’t begin to take care of removing the sealant most concrete garage floors have.

-Extensive prep work is applied is essential for a successful job. Our process includes:
-Diamond grinding the concrete floor to give it a profile that allows the coating something to bond to. (an acid etch in many cases is simply not aggressive enough)
-Filling cracks and pits using professional grade materials, to ensure a uniform look when the job is all done.
-A thorough commercial cleaning, to ensure the floor is free of any dust and debris.

2. The quality of the coating material – The average ‘big box store’ kit is usually a water based floor coating. DIY floor coating manufacturers use a water based formula because it extends the pot life to make it easier to use for the average consumer to use (pot life is the time you have to work with the coating). Most of those kits are going to be 50%+ water based. Once the floor dries, you’re left with a very thin coating that can take up to a week to cure.

Commercial floor coatings, like we use, contain 100% solids, which require experienced personnel, but the results are worth it. A professional flooring job will give you a nice, thick coating that will withstand the tests of time.

3. Experienced professional application – Midwest Floor Coatings has both the experience and knowledge to create an amazing look for your residential or commercial space. The goal of our trained staff is to give you a beautiful and durable floor coating, something you can be proud of. We’re confident that your experience with Midwest Floor Coatings will be something you will be happy to tell your friends about.